What is your greatest ambition in life?
To become immortal… and then to die.

I am 22 year old Film Studies/English Major at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. I have always had a extreme love of film, which has only flourished since I have found the film studies program. I have an insatiable urge to watch film, and do so at all hours of the day which it is permissible!  I am a frequent poster on the criterion connected forum theauteurs.com where I meet a group of cinephile bloggers who have decided to form a “not-quite-so elite International coalition of the cinematically inclined whom convene once a month” and called it The Cineastes, and I will be blogging with them here (a link to a list of involved parties can be found on the right side of my page).

Other than that, I also love;

music (Top 10 Bands: Cocteau Twins, Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, (The London) Suede, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, John Coltrane, Why?, Red House Painters, Belle & Sebastian, Minor Threat. and the list could go on for ever)

good literature (Favorite Authors: Virginia Woolf, Milian Kundera, Jack Kerouac, Andre Bazin, Los Hernandez Brothers, Daniel Clowes, Adrian Tomine, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman.

My admission to the Auteurs top ten poll
1. Breathless – Jean-Luc Godard (1960) France
2. Double Life of Veronique – Krzysztof Kieslowski (1991) France/Poland/Norway
3. The Passion of Joan of Arc – Carl Theodre Dreyer (1928) France
4. Ratcatcher – Lynne Ramsay (1999) UK/France
5. The 400 Blows – Francois Truffaut (1959) France
6. Fanny and Alexander – Ingmar Bergman (1982) Sweden/France/Germany
7. Metropolis – Fritz Lang (1927) Germany
8. Elevator to the Gallows – Louis Malle (1958) France
9. Les Enfants Terribles – Jean-Pierre Melville (1950) France
10. In the Mood for Love – Wong Kar-Wai (2000) Hong Kong



One Response to “Edouard Le Fou”

  1. Amber Says:

    Hooray for Breathless!

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